Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another day

September the 11th. Bizarre how long ago it feels. It didn't seem real at the time, too Hollywood. The girl I was going out with at the time knew people who got wiped out. I remember watching a News report on a woman and her young daughter, as she went all around the surrounding area of ground zero, trying to find her husband. A Policeman wouldn't let her through the barrier he was patrolling. She said she was desperately trying to find her husband as she hadn't heard from him. The cop replied that his wife was in there too, and he didn't know if she was alive or dead. The woman eventually found her husband, but there was no mention of the Policeman, and I've always wondered.
Today reminds me of the July bombings as well. That relates more to me as I worked about 200 yards from where they went off, but that's another story.

Saw 'The Break Up' last night. Funny. Wondered how many arguements that caused in the cinema, or perhaps that was the point.....

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